NARS Sheer Glow Foundation


I know what you're going to say. Julie, you told us at the beginning of last year (and then again more recently in one of your videos) that  you were obsessed with IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream for your … [Read more...]

White Eyeliner


1/2/3/4 Do you wear white eyeliner ever? Way back I had one that I never really used, but the other day I bought some again, and I'm kinda pumped about it. I got the Jane Iredale one, and I've … [Read more...]

Gifts Gifts and More Gifts: BEAUTY


Beauty gifts are where my head is at this season. I've been majorly into my makeup collection these days. I've cleaned, organized, and thrown out lots. I've been much more adventurous, as well, in … [Read more...]

Desert Island Series: Beauty Products


Today is a fun day on FPTP! Along with two of my friends and fellow bloggers, Megan of Greetings from Texas and Monica of Classy & Fabulous, we are launching a video series. Megan approached … [Read more...]

The Lineup


This weekend I've been up in Connecticut for my mom's 60th birthday weekend. Last night my family hosted a halloween-birthday bash, and everyone had such a great time. I've already napped once today, … [Read more...]

Favorites: Samantha Hutchinson of Could I Have That?


Of the many many blogs I read on a daily basis, Samantha Hutchinson's Could I Have That? is at the very top of my list. I completely adore Samantha's style, her photos are always perfect, and I tend … [Read more...]

Puppy Love


I'm a sucker for dogs. I grew up with a dog in my house, and I beg my boyfriend for one all the time (he keeps saying no, but one day he'll cave). When designer Jess Bolbach reached out to Anna and I … [Read more...]

a green thumb


One of my absolute favorite colors to wear is green. Not so much neon green, but pretty much any other shade I adore. I think it is a color you can wear year round, and I tend to find myself in it … [Read more...]