Must Haves in My Closet


I recently saw this post on Camille Styles about streamlining your wardrobe. It truly inspired me. I've been cleaning out my closet, as I've mentioned, but my goal is to really narrow down what I … [Read more...]

Puppy Love


I'm a sucker for dogs. I grew up with a dog in my house, and I beg my boyfriend for one all the time (he keeps saying no, but one day he'll cave). When designer Jess Bolbach reached out to Anna and I … [Read more...]

Spring Outerwear


I know a massive blizzard recently plowed through the Northeast, but my mind is focused on spring. Of course, cold days are still on the horizon, but soon enough, it will feel like spring across the … [Read more...]

living in leather


Saturday night was one of my best friend's birthday celebrations. It was a fun night filled with sushi, drinking, dancing, and friends. I decided to embrace the fact that it's finally feeling like … [Read more...]

Styling the Sweeping Chain-Handle Bag


Next up in this six part series: the Chanel sweeping chain-handle bag. I consider this bag a 'swoon bag' at the moment. It's not even close to in my budget right now, but I can't help but have fallen … [Read more...]

when summer turns to fall

Look 4

I truly can't wrap my head around how it is already the middle of August. How it has been a year (today!) since I've been dating my boyfriend, how I've lived in Houston now for 4 months, how summer is … [Read more...]