Favorite Find(s) of the Week: Jewelry from Uncommon Goods


The amount of jewelry on the Internet can be overwhelming. There is an endless amount of websites that sell necklaces, bracelets, rings, and every bauble in between. I get extremely excited when I … [Read more...]

Favorite Find of the Week: Jennifer Zeuner Horizontal Bar Necklace


While browsing on the Intermix site, I stumbled upon this gorgeous piece of jewelry. Jennifer Zeuner's horizontal bar necklace caught my eye for many reasons. I love a gold dainty chain with a subtle, … [Read more...]

Friendship Bracelets


When I was younger, making friendship bracelets was definitely one of my favorite things to do. There was nothing I enjoyed more than going to the craft store, purchasing lots of string in every … [Read more...]

The Interview Series: J/Hadley x FPTP


At only 26 years old, Ashley Gilroy has created a jewelry brand that has become known throughout not only the country, but the world. Celebrities have taken a liking (a┬áloving really) to her unique … [Read more...]

Popping Up

pop up shop 9

I've always loved entertaining. Whether it's a birthday party, a dinner party, or just a casual night of wine and cheese with friends, entertaining and being a hostess have always been favorite … [Read more...]

Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization 1

I like to think I'm a very organized person. I am constantly writing to-do lists, I have notes everywhere, I keep my schedule in my phone and in a planner, my pantry is always in order, and my closet … [Read more...]



I'm so excited to introduce my Chloe + Isabel online boutique! From delicate, pave bracelets to statement, bold necklaces to classic, gold earrings, and literally everything in between, there is … [Read more...]

everyone has a story

good hYOUman

Now, THIS is a brand that is truly incredible. The story behind good hYOUman is so touching, and the concept of it is just perfect. Brett Novek, a model turned entrepreneur, created this brand, and it … [Read more...]