Summer Makeup


When it's scorching hot outside, the last thing I want is to be wearing a lot of makeup. My makeup routine changes when the warm months hit, and I try to keep it as light as possible. Of course, if … [Read more...]

Puppy Love


I'm a sucker for dogs. I grew up with a dog in my house, and I beg my boyfriend for one all the time (he keeps saying no, but one day he'll cave). When designer Jess Bolbach reached out to Anna and I … [Read more...]

Styling the Sweeping Chain-Handle Bag


Next up in this six part series: the Chanel sweeping chain-handle bag. I consider this bag a 'swoon bag' at the moment. It's not even close to in my budget right now, but I can't help but have fallen … [Read more...]

six pack


I am having a rather sick obsession over some fabulous bags at the moment. The majority are out of my price range, but I can't help but swoon. I can already envision so many different outfits with the … [Read more...]

black & red


I love the simplicity and elegance of black and red. As I've mentioned time and time again, I do love nothing more than all sorts of color. However, when off to a formal event, as I was last night, … [Read more...]