Puppy Love


I'm a sucker for dogs. I grew up with a dog in my house, and I beg my boyfriend for one all the time (he keeps saying no, but one day he'll cave). When designer Jess Bolbach reached out to Anna and I … [Read more...]

Favorites: Jess Bolbach


I'm so excited for the second edition of my favorites' favorites. Today it's all about Jess Bolbach, founder and designer of BOLBACH. Jess is an amazing person who started a line of cuffs (and more … [Read more...]

Jul’s Gems


This past weekend consisted of birthday celebrations, hanging artwork that's been sitting on our floor for a month, brunches, home cooked meals, dinner with friends, lounging on the couch, catching up … [Read more...]

golden rule


A lot of times people think gold equals fancy. However, you can wear touches of gold (beyond just some of your jewelry) all the time, day or night. This doesn't mean a long gold gown is good for a … [Read more...]