My Favorite Entertaining Essentials

Entertaining Essentials

Matthew and I love to entertain. And we do it quite a bit. After doing so time and time again, you come to learn what the essentials are when having people over. I've come to realize my favorites … [Read more...]

Thoughts From My Desk: Following Your Passions and Taking Risks


There comes a point in life when you need to ask yourself What is my passion? If I could do any sort of work when I wake up each day, what would that work be?  For almost 4 years I had been working … [Read more...]

Fancy Water

Blackberry Vanilla and Lavendar

Last month, my mom and I went on a girls spa getaway. Everyday there was a different kind of water in the 'tranquility room.' I call it fancy water. It's not your normal still or sparkling water. It … [Read more...]

Brand to Love: Zella


I know I know, there are so many different activewear lines out there it's hard to keep them all straight. But one I absolutely love is Zella (Nordstrom's activewear line). I stumbled upon it one day … [Read more...]

Top 10 Messy Buns

Messy Bun 3

If you follow LJ Creative House on Instagram you probably saw this photo (also below) I posted yesterday. It is the epitome of a fabulously, cool messy bun. I adore it. Do my messy buns turn out like … [Read more...]

White Walls

White Walls 2

White walls. There's just something about them I absolutely love. A white wall is a blank, clean canvas ready to be filled with whatever one's heart desires (or to be kept blank...that can work … [Read more...]

Thoughts From My Desk: Meditation and Being Present


The last year or so I’ve been very interested in the practice of meditation. Because my mind is constantly racing, I’ve never been able to actually sit and ‘meditate.’ I’ve tried. Many times. It’s not … [Read more...]

At Home Fitness Equipment


I've spoken about working out at home without any equipment, BUT if you are in the market for some equipment for your at home workouts, I'm here to help. Over time, I've acquired some things that I … [Read more...]