Be Happy

There are a lot of articles out there on how to be happy, what is happiness, how your happiness can affect your relationships, and many more of that nature. However, sometimes the easiest ways to feel happier are the simplest ways with no science to back them up. Here are a few things that instantly boost my mood. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.


Get into the kitchen and bake something sweet. Even if you’re not too good in terms of baking (hell, I’m definitely not), it’s still fun to whip up something for yourself or someone else, and bonus: you get to lick the bowl! 

hand written letter

Write a hand written letter. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always absolutely loved writing notes and letters. There’s something about putting a stamp on that envelope and putting it in the mailbox rather than clicking ‘send’ on an email.


Listen to some good tunes. A great song can instantly change your mood.


Clean and organize. Sometimes when I’m feeling ‘blah’ I’ll organize a closet in my home or clean up a room or do laundry, and the sense of accomplishment once those tasks are complete makes me very happy.

sitting outside

Get fresh air. Whether you walk outside, run outside, or just sit on your porch/balcony/front step, being outdoors can brighten anyone’s day.

I’d love to know in the comments below what are some things you do to lift your mood!

image sources: baking/writing a letter/listening to music/organizing/sitting outside



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