A Fragrance Story


Fragrance is such an interesting thing. I find it fascinating that the same perfume can smell like two completely different scents on two different people. Every time my mom wears a certain perfume, I comment on it, but when I wear it, it doesn’t smell as good for some reason. Since I started wearing perfume when I was younger (my first was ‘Charlie‘ followed by ‘Tommy Girl‘), I’ve always worn just one scent at a time. I wanted it to be ‘my scent’ that people knew me by. I rarely switched things up. Every now and then I’d wear a daytime one and a different one for going out at night, but overall, I stuck to the same thing. However, more recently I’m not so into having ‘my scent’ and more into switching things up on the daily. Yes, of course I’ll always have my favorite scents that I wear more often than not (Le Labo ‘Rose’ I’m talking to you, followed by Prada ‘Candy’ and Creed ‘Spring Flowers’), but lately I’ve been dabbling in those samples that you get at department stores, and it’s been a fun way to spice things up for the summer.

Shop a few of my favorite scents below!

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