colorful books

I walked into West Elm yesterday and I stopped right in my tracks when I saw this display of books. I just loved how they were all stacked as high as possible with every single color of the rainbow staring at you. As you’ve previously read in many of my posts, I’m all about color. While I have my staple black, white, and grey pieces in my closet, I tend to go for color first. I’m currently coveting lots and lots of colorful tops; all which will be perfect for the transition into Fall (and, yes, I’m aware Fall is no time soon down in Texas, but a girl can still prepare).


ASOS Soft Check Shirt

Urban Outfitters Chiffon Back Oversized Tee

Joie Batwing Top

Forever 21 Sheer Abstract Print Shirt

ModCloth Silently Chic Top

Nasty Gal Stripe Knit


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