What I’m Loving Right Now


This month it's all about sleeveless, shorts, and show stopping shoes & accessories. Veronica Beard Layered Leather Tank from Grethen House via Farfetch Rudie Beaded Trapeze Scallop Hem Dress … [Read more...]

Jul’s Gems

cookie favor packaging

It's been a while since I've done a Jul's Gems post, so I'm excited to share with you today some things that have been catching my eye lately. Few things would make me happier than a closet and … [Read more...]

Jul’s Gems


I know I'm not the only one who felt like yesterday was actually Tuesday, so the fact that today is Friday feels more than amazing (if only every week could be a short one...). The week before New … [Read more...]

Jul’s Gems


I'm really excited the weekend is here. Tomorrow Matthew and I are heading to Austin for a couple days, and I can't wait to get away. My plan (and I hope I can stick to it) is to not answer one email … [Read more...]

Jul’s Gems


This past week was one of those 'realization' weeks. Sometimes I think we're all guilty of taking things for granted and not taking the time to really appreciate what we have and those in our lives. … [Read more...]