Top 10 // Storefronts


Is it just me or when you're walking through a town and stumble upon a fabulous little store front does a mix of happiness/inspiration/peacefulness come over you? Ok, maybe I'm just crazy, but I LOVE … [Read more...]

A Fragrance Story


Fragrance is such an interesting thing. I find it fascinating that the same perfume can┬ásmell like two completely different scents on two different people. Every time my mom wears a certain perfume, I … [Read more...]

Come with me to…Hotel Arts Barcelona


Years back my family went on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate my parent's 30th anniversary. Our cruise left out of Barcelona, and having not been there before, we decided to go a few days early to … [Read more...]

Be Happy

sitting outside

There are a lot of articles out there on how to be happy, what is happiness, how your happiness can affect your relationships, and many more of that nature. However, sometimes the easiest ways to feel … [Read more...]

Hair Product Crush // Living Proof


Months back I was getting my hair blown at a place I had never been to before, and while the hair blow was sub par, at best, they had a selection of products that I fell in love with...Living Proof. … [Read more...]