The Interview Series: Stone Textile x FPTP


You may remember a while back I featured Stone Textile, and now Elizabeth Mollen is back for 'The Interview Series.' Lately interior decorating is on the brain every other minute as we finish up our … [Read more...]

Guest Bedroom Essentials

Guest Bedroom Essentials

Having company stay over is something I thoroughly enjoy. Whenever friends or family stay with us, I always want to make sure they feel literally right at home. Besides the necessary items (pillows, … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Crafty: DIY Gift Tags


Lately, it's been birthday after engagement after birthday after engagement in my life. I can't complain because it's happy moments for those I love and care about. With all these celebratory … [Read more...]

9 Uses for Mason Jars


I don't know what it is, but I'm a huge mason jar fan. I love the look of them. I've used these guys as vases, to hold silverware at parties, to hold straws, and other little things. I've started … [Read more...]

A Most Perfect Weekend


Wow. What a weekend. The past few days have been filled with lots of laughs, some tears (happy ones), an abundance of smiles, and the most enormous amount of love I've ever felt. This past weekend was … [Read more...]