White Walls

White Walls 2

White walls. There's just something about them I absolutely love. A white wall is a blank, clean canvas ready to be filled with whatever one's heart desires (or to be kept blank...that can work … [Read more...]

Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books

Editor's Note: This post was supposed to go up yesterday (Tuesday), but I'm out of town, and wifi was subpar (at best) until last night (that and I was in pure vacation mode!!). Enjoy yesterday's post … [Read more...]

Red Hot Home


I've always been a fan of red in the home. There's just something about the vibrant, bold color that adds such a cool element to a room. Our loft is very modern with an eclectic touch, and we have … [Read more...]

Home Office Closet Organization

Home Office 2

via A few weeks back over the holidays, I spent nearly an entire day cleaning out and organizing my home office closet. Ask anyone who had seen it prior - it was a disaster. And I truly mean a … [Read more...]

Gifts Gifts and More Gifts: HOME


There is nothing quite like home. Even after the most incredible trip or time away, the feeling of walking back into your home and getting into your own bed is kind of amazing. Agree? Disagree? Either … [Read more...]

The Shoppe


Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone (sad!! now I have to wait another year for my favorite day!), the holiday season is in FULL swing. With that, comes gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. It can be … [Read more...]

Bed Head

Casper 1

I don't know about you, but when I wake up in the morning, my hair is far from perfect. In fact, it's extremely unperfect. I used to always shower in the a.m. (don't get ahead of yourself, that … [Read more...]

Top 10 // Bathroom Sinks


You're probably all like 'Really Julie? Bathroom sinks? You couldn't find anything better to write about today?!' Well, hold up on those thoughts because bathroom sinks are on the brain these days, … [Read more...]