What’s In My Bag


I know I know…this whole ‘what’s in my bag’ is not a unique concept, but every single time I come across it on someone’s blog or in a magazine, I’m completely engrossed in it. What is it about being nosy and wanting to see what other people carry in their bags?! I finally decided to do one on my lil ol blog. Besides the obvious (phone, keys, snacks), below you’ll find what’s typically in my bag on any given day.


1. Mini notebook for jotting down notes and ideas throughout the day 2. Sunglasses (not exact, but somewhat similar) because, well, duh 3. I’m constantly losing hair ties even when they are on my wrist, so I always keep an extra in my bag 4. Purell…I LOVE Purell. I hate this scent you see pictured, but I keep forgetting to buy a different one so I’m stuck using the ocean’s mist or whatever it’s called for the time being 5. I do love chewing gum, but lately I’m more into Listerine strips so I’m not chomping down while chatting with people 6. Countless times I’ve found myself with a split nail and I’ll regret not having a nail file in tow, so now I always keep one in my bag


7. I don’t like carrying around my big camera with me because it’s rather bulky, so I always make sure to have this little guy for when I want to take pictures or film something on the go 8. I recently got this Stephanie Johnson cosmetics case and I just LOVE it. I think it’s the perfect size for all my lady essentials. 9. Tweezers because well, you just never know (and, uh, who else sometimes tweezes their eyebrows while in the car because that natural light is just glorious!) 10. No one wants chapped lips ,and this Kiehl’s lip balm is my favorite 11. It’s always good to have lip gloss on hand to touch up and I’m totally loving this Elizabeth Arden one these days 12. Just like no one wants chapped lips, no one wants dry hands, so Jergens is my go to, and how cute is this mini one? 13. Tampon because, again, you just never know.

P.S. If you haven’t heard yet, I started my very own YouTube channel! I would love it if you checked it out and subscribed. Thank you!! xo, Julie

Line to Love: Pam & Gela


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Nice People


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My 5 Current Favorite Beauty Products (VIDEO)


Today I’m bringing you a blog post in the form of a video. I’m learning how to better edit as we speak, so please go easy on me! Hope you enjoy! P.S. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE. Thank you! xo, Julie

Stacks of Books


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Bed Head

Casper 1

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Thoughts From My Desk: Life is What You Make It


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Line to Love: RIFLE PAPER Co.


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