Update on (my version of) Whole30: Week 1

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As I mentioned on Monday, I started (my version of) the Whole30, and I’m going to be doing it for the month of February. A few things I wanted to mention before giving my week 1 update:

  • I say (my version of) because I realize I’m not doing the Whole30 exactly as it states you should do it. For example, with this program you’re not supposed to drink for 30 days. Well, I’ll be drinking Saturday night (going to a concert!), and then I’ll be drinking the following weekend, as I’ll be at a bachelorette party. Secondly, you’re not supposed to eat beans, and well, there were beans in my chili the other night #oops. Oh and you’re certainly not supposed to have Diet Coke, and, well it’s my vice, and I’m allowing myself to have it a few times a week. But really, I’m just using the Whole30 program as a foundation for my own version of it. So, I say Whole30, but before you call me out on this, I realize I’m not doing it 100% accurately.
  • I decided to do (my version of) the Whole30 program because, honestly, I put such CRAP into my body without even thinking about it. The amount of times I’m eating something processed is gross to think about. And I’m aware how bad processed foods are for you. I also drink far too much wine. I eat far too much cheese and bad carbs and sugar and so on. I just truly felt like my body needed a detox of sorts. I’ve never done anything like this, but I figured why the heck not. My month of February doesn’t have TOO much going on, so it seemed like an ideal time. As well, there are only 29 days this month, so yeah I guess it’s the Whole29!
  • I am not doing the Whole30 to lose weight. Granted, I wouldn’t mind shedding a few lbs (I mean wouldn’t we all?!), but that’s not my goal here. My goal is to give my body a detox, see if I actually have will power to do this, and ultimately, see how I feel avoiding some of these ‘bad for you’ foods and ingredients. I’ve only heard great things about this program, so like I said, why the heck not!

Now, let’s get into how I feel, thus far, what I’ve eaten this week, so forth and so on…

Monday, February 1

I wanted to make myself a smoothie for breakfast, which would include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kale, and spinach. Well, that was a fail. I even bought the pre packaged frozen fruit and the directions really just said to throw it in your blender, add water, and mix. Well, I did that, and my smoothie tasted like shit. SO, I threw that out and went to Smoothie King. The cashier at SK wanted to kill me from the get go because I said, ‘Look I’m doing this Whole30 program, so I’m going to be super annoying….’ so I got a smoothie, which consisted of strawberries, banana, and ice. Sounds boring, I know, but it was actually delicious.

For lunch, I ran over to My Fit Foods and got their chili, which I LOVE. It was great, as per usual, but this is the chili that had the beans, so yeah minor fail, but whatev. You live you learn!

I went to the gym on the way home from work, and when I got done I was hungry, so I ate almonds. And I will say I think I ate far too many almonds, but almonds! How bad can they be.

My dinner consisted of rotisserie chicken with a sweet potato and some brussels sprouts. And, if you were wondering, no I did not have a Diet Coke on Monday (!!!); I had La Croix, which I still don’t LOVE yet, but I’m trying to love it; I really am.

I didn’t feel any different Monday, but I didn’t expect to the first day anyway. I will say it was easier than I thought. I didn’t crave anything ‘bad’ (except too many almonds).

Tuesday, February 2

I was rushing this morning so rather than making something at home, I went back to My Fit Foods and got one of their scrambled eggs/chicken sausage meals. It was ok, nothing special, but it did the job!

My lunch was BBQ. I got lean biscuit, no bread or sauce of course. It was very filling and I was totally satisfied.

I went home after work and did a few YouTube workout videos and then snacked on almonds again.

Megan then called and was in the area so she popped by (she’s also doing a version of the Whole30 this month!), and I ended up making us scrambled eggs with avocado for dinner. Actually, I made the eggs, and Megan cut the avocado! #teamwork

My ‘dessert’ consisted of grapes (probably too many!) and, again, no DC, just La Croix.

I woke up on Tuesday feeling good. I felt like I ate right the day before, and I was motivated. And throughout the day was ok, too. No cravings! Well, wine. Wine is definitely tough here. I kept wanting to offer Megan a glass of wine, and we were both like ‘No we can’t. NO NO NO.’ 

Wednesday, February 3

Surprise surprise – I was rushing again, so I got that same smoothie at SK as I got Monday.

Ashley and I grabbed lunch at CPK, and I got the Italian Chopped Salad without beans or cheese (so it was turkey, salami – this is probably not allowed, but it wasn’t much, basil, tomatoes, lettuce…) with a couple dips of dressing (bad), but mostly oil and vinegar (good) AND a Diet Coke!

Dinner was at Barnaby’s and I got a hamburger (no bun) with avocado. It was DIVINE. Love me a good hamburger. And a Diet Coke. Because typically when I go out to eat I get wine, so my replacement was DC. Strange? Maybe.

I then was craving something sweet, so popped into the grocery afterwards and got grapes! Mmmmm.

I felt good again this day. Nothing life altering, but overall, good. I also didn’t snack after work because I had a late lunch and a light gym session, so I was good until dinner! Go me.

Thursday, February 4

Wait for it…yep, I got that same smoothie at SK again! I gotta switch things up here, I know, but I tend to always be rushing in the morning, so it works.

I grabbed lunch with Mishelle at Little Liberty (It looks like they don’t have a website yet, but it just opened in Rice Village – same owners as Liberty Kitchen, etc.), and I got a grilled chicken sandwich (no bun) with avocado AND A DIET COKE.

In the afternoon I started feeling super ‘shakey’ and I felt like I needed sugar. I was very close to caving in and eating something ‘not allowed,’ but I held out! I had some almonds, took a little nap, and then made banana ice cream (as Megan pointed out, it’s literally frozen bananas blended..that’s it!), and it was sweet and delicious and filled me up for an afternoon snack.

For dinner we brought in Mexican food from Chuy’s, and I ate chicken and beef fajitas (minus the tortillas, cheese, etc etc etc). And dessert consisted of lots of grapes!

As I pointed out above, I got shakey mid day, so that kind of sucked, but otherwise I felt good. There were tortilla chips and queso that came with the dinner, and I was VERY close to eating a chip (or multiple chips), but I didn’t I held out and just had my protein! I was grumpy about that, but once I got full from the chicken and beef I was ok! 

And now here we are at Friday!  I realize this update doesn’t include a full week, as I’m posting this only 4 days into the month, so next Friday will be a better update, as it will include a full week and then some. SO, overall, closing thoughts on week 1 of (my version of) Whole30: it’s not so hard, I actually don’t crave the ‘bad’ things, and I’ve been really enjoying great protein and yummy fruit and veggies. We’ll see how it goes! So far so good. Nothing life changing yet, but all good.

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to come to Emerson Rose on Saturday. Would love to see you there (details below)!

Event_Emerson Rose

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