Apparently I was on a little blogging hiatus. If you follow me on social media, you have seen the mess that is currently our loft. Very long story cut quite short – our refrigerator had a leak (did you know they could leak?! well, newsflash, apparently they can!), and this leak caused our wood floors to be completely ruined, which caused us to have to redo our entire downstairs of our loft, which caused us to move out temporarily. We were living in a hotel for 10 days, and now we’re in a temporary apartment for 4-6 weeks. Happy times!

Beyond the stupid refrigerator leak, work has been very busy, including a work trip to Chicago for Be The Light and various deadlines for both BTL and My Red Glasses. I had a dress fitting this week, and I was very happy with it! Can’t believe the wedding is in less than 2 months. Invites have gone out, and now it feels SO real. I’ve been kicking butt with my new best friend Jason (aka my trainer). He works me hard but I’m loving getting back into the gym (I was also on a gym hiatus for quite a long time…oops).

Otherwise, no complaints, but I wanted to give a little backstory as to why I’ve gone missing. New posts coming your way any day now. Until then, have a wonderful weekend and we’ll chat soon! xo, Julie

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Spring into Denim


The other day I was browsing at Madewell, and I stumbled upon my new favorite jean shorts that I can see myself living in all summer long. I can hardly wait to wear them, and thinking about it, I should have purchased more than one pair. I also invested in another chambray top. Because let’s [Read more]

The Lineup


What a week! Last weekend was my bachelorette party, and I think I’m still recovering from it. It was definitely, hands down, the best weekend of my life, but I’m still exhausted (totally worth it!!).  This week has been a week of playing catch up with work, organizing, and all those fun things. I hope [Read more]

The Interview Series: Stone Textile x FPTP


You may remember a while back I featured Stone Textile, and now Elizabeth Mollen is back for ‘The Interview Series.’ Lately interior decorating is on the brain every other minute as we finish up our (not so new anymore) loft. I get major inspiration from Stone Textile, whether it’s from the blog or the uber stylish [Read more]

The Lineup


1. Next time you plan a trip, use this article on the best times to book a flight. 2. After reading about all these face brushes, I seriously need to revamp my collection. 3. Check out how the busiest of women stay fit and tone their butt (sans squats)! 4. I love cereal, and I can’t [Read more]