Houston, We (almost) Have an Equinox

I’m sure many of you Houstonians have already heard the news, but if not, let me share with you. Houston is getting an Equinox! If you don’t know what Equinox is, it’s only the best gym in the country. To be honest, I’m surprised Houston is just now getting one. #latetothegame

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I know what you’re all thinking. Don’t you belong to Fit Athletic Club? You’re a traitor! Ok, hold your horses, I love Fit. It’s super convenient for me, and I’m a huge, huge fan. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t also love Equinox. I guess I’m not a monogamist in this department. Don’t judge.

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SO, Equinox is opening in the brand spanking new River Oaks District complex (which is opening at some point this year), and Equinox itself is opening its doors late 2015. While this seems like a ways away, you might want to get your booty moving (pun intended) because starting June 1st, they are offering an insanely incredible pre sale price (without an initiation fee). This isn’t lasting long, but it’s a pretty great deal compared to Equinox gyms in other cities (echem NYC I’m talking to you).

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Aside from the state-of-the-art gym itself, there is also a shop, spa (even non members can use the spa, but if you’re a member, you get a discount), juice bar, kid’s club, and multiple group fitness studios. Fancy schmancy.

If you’re interested in locking in the amazing pre sale price and/or getting more info on Equinox, email or call Ally Totah (alexandra.totah@equinox.com, 713.582.0599). SUPER sweet girl! 



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Thoughts From My Desk: Therapy

If you’ve been a long time reader of FPTP (thank you!) and/or if you know me in real life, you know I’m pretty much an open book. You ask me something. I’ll answer. There’s not much I won’t tell you. You’ve seen me talk about plenty of deeper things here in my little corner of the […]

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New Places to Shop for Home Decor

I would say my home decor taste, in terms of furniture and overall aesthetic, is modern eclectic. However, when it comes to knick-knacks and chachkies, I am open to any and all. Our loft has bookshelves full of items ranging from modern to eclectic to rustic to tribal to simple to elegant and everything in […]

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Thoughts From My Desk: Expectations

Lately I’ve been thinking about expectations. I saw the quote ‘sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them,’ and it really resonated with me. As long as you’re doing things out of the goodness of your own heart rather than because you’re expecting something in return, […]

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From Past(el) to Present

I was browsing online and stumbled upon this bag. I’m not sure why, but I immediately gravitated to it. I don’t wear fringe often at all and I don’t own many pastel colored things, so why did I fall in love with this beauty? NO clue, but I did. Love at first sight, baby! Well, it […]

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My Favorite Concealer

You guys. This is serious. I am breaking out these days like I’m 16 years old. Why? No clue. But this is real. This is not a false alarm. Yes, I realize this is TMI, but just keeping it real, people. Keeping it real. PIMPLES SUCK. I’m 29. WTF?! I like to keep a positive […]

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Shirt + Dress = Shirtdress

I’m not a huge dress person, as I’ve said before, but one type of dress I do love and can totally get behind is the shirtdress. I’m not sure if it’s the versatility (it can take you from your desk to drinks for sure) or if it’s the fact that while it’s a dress, it’s […]

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My Favorite Makeup Mirror

I realized the other day that lately I’ve been putting on my makeup while standing up in my bathroom leaning over the sink. Not the most comfortable position, clearly. I’ve gone from doing my makeup at a vanity to doing my makeup sitting on my floor in front of a floor length mirror to my […]

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