Mad for Plaid


The past couple days were spent in Austin with two of my best gals, Megan and Candace. However, you likely already know this from the obnoxious amount of snapchats I posted (username: jlb4567) and various photos throughout our little getaway. Don’t worry, though! If you didn’t follow along, there will be a little montage video coming your way soon. Get excited!


Just taking some photos of the beauty!!

ANYWAY, we went to Austin for a jam packed couple days, and we’ll be sharing all sorts of bits and pieces and fun things over the course of the next couple weeks. On the way there we decided to stop off somewhere on 71 to take some photos, as bloggers do, to show off our road trip ensembles. There’s not a chance in hell I can even describe where this lookout point was (#badwithdirections), BUT it was beautiful, that I will say for sure.




fashion bloggers in houston


Pretty much my entire outfit (aside from the hat and jewelry) came from Emerson Rose. Have you been? If not, you should make your way there, and fast. It’s the cutest store in The Heights and, at the moment, I think I’m their biggest fan.


Walking down the middle of the street, as one does

I was feeling plaid for this outfit. I love plaid. All year round, but especially in the fall. And then I found this amazingly comfortable black handkerchief hem dress, and booties (did you know Toms made boots? I didn’t!). The outfit was perfect for the car ride because nothing wrinkled, and if I got cold, I had my flannel to warm me up!


Happy Thursday! Hope you guys have had a great week.

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Fall Style

I love fall clothing. There’s more plaid, more leather, and more denim…all things I adore. And booties, can’t forget booties! I was perusing the inter webs (and by inter webs, I mean solely Pinterest) and stumbled upon some fall street style looks I’m totally digging for the season. Granted, it’s still sweltering here in Texas, […]

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24 Hours in Austin

Saturday morning I drove up to Austin, and I came back yesterday afternoon. It was a quick, but amazing, 24 hours. A week or so prior I texted one of my very best friends asking if she was free this past weekend (she recently moved back to Austin and I hadn’t yet been able to […]

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This + That

Is it just me or has life been moving at 100 mph?! Makes sense considering fall officially begins tomorrow and everything seems to just speed up this time of year. Whatever the case may be, I’m PUMPED for fall. Granted, you don’t feel or see it as much down here in Houston, but some of […]

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An Important Mission

You all know my friend Megan by now (she’s on my blog every other day it seems), but what you all might not know is that she had ovarian cancer (you can read about it on her blog or in her book). Something else you might not know is how prevalent ovarian cancer is. And, […]

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Let’s Shop

I realized this weekend that I seriously need a closet refresh. With fall just a couple days away, I’m feeling darker colors, deeper hues, and some cozy essentials. While enjoying the laziest day ever on Saturday (no really, I didn’t get off the couch until my dinner plans that evening), I perused some of my favorite […]

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Thoughts From My Desk: Happiness

I talk about happiness a lot in my little corner of the inter web, but it’s because I feel it’s the absolute most important thing you can achieve in life. Money? No. Love? Important, but no. HAPPINESS. I’m not talking THINKING your happy; I’m talking true, to the core, absolute happiness. I was talking to […]

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A Lazy Girl’s Dream

So here’s the deal. I hate doing my hair. I have done the Brazilian blowout/Keratin treatments in the past, but I haven’t lately because that shit is expensive. And it’s not that I have terrible, awful hair, but I certainly can’t just shower and walk out of the house with my hair looking perfect without doing anything […]

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