A few weeks back I was getting brunch with a friend at Brick & Spoon (if you live in Houston and haven’t been, I HIGHLY recommend), and I decided to order the couscous. OK, I know that doesn’t sound like a brunch option, but I guess I was feeling adventurous. And let me tell you, I was (and still am) VERY happy with my decision. This couscous rocked my freakin’ world. I’m talking rocked my world as in I brought home an additional order of it to eat the next day (but totally finished it within an hour of getting home). Yes, it’s THAT good. You are probably thinking I’m crazy, like how can couscous be that exciting. Well, this one was! And now, you guessed it, I’m having cravings for couscous left and right. I’ve rounded up some that look totally delicious.

Couscous 1

with grilled chicken and veggies

Couscous 2

with dried fruit

couscous 3

with meatballs (I mean did you really think I wouldn’t mention meatballs?!)


with roasted vegetables


with roasted squash and chickpeas


with carrots, onions, raisins, and mint

Chambray 10 Ways


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Master Bathroom


So, that whole ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ thing… well, that’s what Matthew and I have attempted to do in our not so ideal situation regarding our home at the moment. Since we have to be out of our loft for the next 4-6 weeks in order to fix our downstairs, we have decided to [Read more]



Apparently I was on a little blogging hiatus. If you follow me on social media, you have seen the mess that is currently our loft. Very long story cut quite short – our refrigerator had a leak (did you know they could leak?! well, newsflash, apparently they can!), and this leak caused our wood floors [Read more]

Spring into Denim


The other day I was browsing at Madewell, and I stumbled upon my new favorite jean shorts that I can see myself living in all summer long. I can hardly wait to wear them, and thinking about it, I should have purchased more than one pair. I also invested in another chambray top. Because let’s [Read more]