Brand to Love: Happy Socks

Happy Socks

Happy Socks

Happy Socks. The name just makes me smile! Beyond the name, there’s the color and the prints and the patterns. These socks are EVERYTHING. No, they aren’t so new to the scene (brand was launched over 5 years ago), but I’ve been seeing more and more of this line recently, and I’m thrilled. Thrilled because Happy Socks are simply the best. Two friends started this line with the vision of spreading happiness by turning an everyday essential (uh, socks!) into so much more. There is a men’s, women’s, and even a kid’s collection. And aside from socks, the line also consists of underwear (ooh la la) and some accessories. However, I am MOST in love with the socks…can’t ya tell?! I recently bought Matthew a couple pairs, and he is obsessed. Why wear boring socks when you can wear colorfully, fabulous ones that add such a fun element to any¬†ensemble?! Some favorites below.




Shop the entire collection HERE.

Feature Image via Coogan London

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