Job Love, Swoon Worthy DIYs, and a Singer at Heart

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Work takes up a good portion of our lives, so it’s pretty cool when you love what you do and genuinely look forward to going into your office each day. Chanel Dror, Executive Producer of Camille Styles, not only loves what she does, but she also adores her colleagues, who have become some of her very best friends. At only 27, Chanel has worked her way up the ladder and into a role she is so extremely passionate about. She has one of those Instagram feeds that you just want to keep scrolling through and her DIYs are some of the best I’ve seen.


How long have you been working at Camille Styles? 


Since Fall of 2010, so that’s 5 1/2 years now!


What positions have you held with Camille aside from Executive Producer?


As a Senior in college, I was first brought onto the team as an intern (Camille’s first one ever!) Since then, my role has evolved along with the company’s growth — I’ve been the Events Intern, the Events Assistant, the Assistant Editor, and now, the Executive Producer (my favorite role yet).


What’s your favorite thing about your job? Most rewarding? Most challenging?


There’s a lot to love about my job, but the two things that keep me comin’ around are 1) my coworkers and 2) the work. Spending the day in a room filled with caring, fun-loving, talented women is a joy that most don’t get to experience, and getting to call your boss and your coworkers “your besties,” well that’s just unheard of! The other element I love is the skill set I get to harness in a regular day on the job. Crafting, writing, styling, food, photography — it’s like the dream job I never knew existed! What’s better than making a living working on projects you’d be doing anyway?


The challenge is continuing to come up with new content and material, but it’s a challenge I enjoy. When working with clients, the requests and tight timelines can be really limiting, but I love to find a way to create a story despite those constraints, and afterwards feel really proud of myself for pulling it off!


Had you always known what you wanted to do? If not, what did you originally think you’d end up doing/being when you got older?


Honestly, I never had any idea. Growing up, I could have at any given time told you I planned to be a singer, a lawyer, a PR exec, a doctor, an event planner, etc. Guess that lack of direction worked out!


As Executive Producer for such a big website, I imagine your days are QUITE busy and hectic. Walk us through a day in your life. I also imagine no two are the same. 


You’re right, they’re all different, but more often than not my day is revolving around a photoshoot. If I’m preparing for an upcoming one, I’m sending an intern out for errands, ordering props online and brainstorming new party concepts or unexpected styling details. On a shoot day, I’m working with a photographer to execute — this could mean just the two of us working on a smaller-scale shoot (like a DIY), or all hands on deck if the shoot is off-site and involved (like this crazy cool one or this all-time fave). Afterwards, it’s lots of clean-up, and then once we get the photos back, producing and authoring the final blog post for If the post is sponsored, there is quite a bit of back-and-forth with the client as well.


Your DIY projects are some of my favorite. You are so talented! What’s your favorite DIY project you’ve ever done?


Why thank you! It’s so hard to choose — they each have a special place in my heart! Though my DIY Piñata Costume from 2011 and these pop-up place cards are definitely my most popular, I’d have to say my personal favorites have to be the DIY Sugar Skulls, my Cardboard Tube Valentine’s Pockets, the DIY succulent wrappers, and the DIY mini eclairs!


Aside from working with Camille, you are a kick-ass singer! When did you become interested in singing? And how?


Thanks Julie :) I think if you have that creative gene, you’re naturally drawn to everything artistic. I love writing, design, drawing, acting and crafting, but above all, singing has always been my thing (insert home video of me solo-ing at my Kindergarten Hannukah show).


What’s your advice for someone looking to get into the world of writing/blogging?


Just start! If you can get a gig with someone local to you who is farther along, help them! If not, create your own content. Even if it’s not great at first (and believe me, ours was laughable!), you’ll learn what works (and what doesn’t) with each new project.


Any pinch me moments of your career, thus far? 


Attending Marie Claire’s “The New Guard” luncheon in NYC last summer was pretty epic. Sure, I was just there as Camille’s “+1″ but standing in a room with so many inspiring people had me feeling like I was doing something right :)


Favorite place you’ve ever been and why?


Tel Aviv is my second home and somewhere that everyone should visit. Colombia is the happy place I’m always trying to get back to (the food! the people! the music!)


Quote/motto you try to always live by?


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


Thanks, Chanel!

Be sure to follow Chanel on Instagram.


Photography by Kristen Kilpatrick

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