Working Out at Home (without equipment)



As much as I love going to to the gym, there are days, as I’ve mentioned, where I’m just far too lazy to make that (very short) trek to the gym. On those days, I do those Fitness Blender videos. However, beyond that, there are even days where I may not feel like a ‘real’ workout. I think that’s normal. Sometimes you just need a breather. On those days, what I like to do is the following:

  • While brushing my teeth (or waiting for a face masque to set), I will do squats.
  • While watching TV on the couch, I’ll do leg raises.
  • While folding laundry on the floor, I’ll take a break and so some crunches.
  • While cooking (and by cooking I mean heating things up in the microwave…BUT I am getting better at really cooking!!!) I will take a minute to do some squat hops.
  • While procrastinating, I’ll do lunges throughout my house.
  • And the easiest, I’ll walk up and down my stairs as if it were a stair master.

Now, I know my above ideas are not groundbreaking. I do know that. However, a lot of people can forget how simple it is to workout wherever you are, and without any equipment. Next time you’re feeling lazy and not up for the gym, turn on the TV, take a break from your work or social media, and get moving in the comfort of your own home.


image source: lululemon 

Must Haves in My Closet


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Urban Decay Setting Spray

Urban Decay Setting Spray

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Red Hot Home


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Thoughts From My Desk: Age With a Positive Outlook

Birthday Cake

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Egg(cellent) Frittatas


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Brand to Love: In Bloom by Jonquil


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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


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